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Model to Help the Iran Oil Industry

Here is an article about the Iranian Oil Industry that I found, it’s been auto translated, but just take a look.  It doesn’t get into detail about the sanctions, but it’s still worth reading.


Newspaper reader on the world economy

Government investment in next year’s budget bill 600 trillion rials equivalent to 20 billion dollars for the development of the national oil company has predicted.

iran oil economy

Khbranlayn, while the amount of investment this year’s 5/2 the performance, the Oil Ministry plans to introduce a new model of oil contracts with Iran, attract foreign investment in the oil industry will accelerate. But protests have taken place towards a new generation of oil contracts with Iran, the representatives of the opposition, the possibility of employing new models in the coming months contract is excluded.

Command economy is resistance to this entry and details of the contract stipulated that contracts are considered fourth generation of Iranian oil, but the oil ministry demanded Experts and stakeholders discussed the provision of this agreement is for all.

Many experts say, some of the new model contract is very similar to the model contracts Iraq is employed, the proponents of this model contract called Iraq models from Iran has picked buyback. experts say the oil industry, buyback contracts less attractive for foreign investors because of short-term buyback model contract the development process and say goodbye investment field, post-production, blows to the oil fields has arrived, hence the models longer in the current climate could pave the way for more profit both sides in the oil fields there. bonds 7 billion dollars detail forecasts government investments in next year’s national oil company NIOC indicates the receipt of 53 thousand billion foreign loan account is opened.

93 thousand billion rials is also provided by the company, for the consumer finance investment reached in 1395. On the other hand sales of 77 trillion rials of bonds had been anticipated by the government in this bill. Is due profits from the sale of the volume of bonds to be spent to develop joint oil fields.

The burning of associated gas and alternative domestic or imported gas instead of oil products concerned up to $ 100 billion in foreign currency equivalent of Real Madrid in compliance with the general policies of Article 44 of the constitution buyback method to invest, build, operate and deliver BOT or paragraph 2 of Article 214 of the fifth five-year development plan law, Islamic Republic of Iran to ensure buy the product, allowing domestic sale or export for long-term contracts or licenses required to invest at least 10 years is not lawful.

Could The Iranian Rial Currency Revalue?

iranian currency revaluation


Now that economic sanctions have ended in Iran, many have pondered if the Iranian Rial could, indeed, revalue.

There are many who are under the impression that all it takes is a few 100,000 IRR banknotes to become a millionaire, sadly, this is not so.

Some of the same individuals who pumped the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation are now pumping the Iranian Rial Revaluation.

There are a number of websites that do promote this, however, most the people who make these claims have little, if any, knowledge in the areas of finance, economics, geopolitics and have never left the United States and traveled abroad.

The best was to find out the exchange rate of the Iranian Rial is by using a currency converter, not a guru, to figure out the rate conversion.

There will always be people who make outrageous claims about the Iranian Rial, some will lose their families, houses, marriages because they thought that if they only held onto their currency a little longer, that they might become instant millionaires.  Sadly, this is never the case.

Travelex currently has ads running on the Google search network when people are looking for information on the IRR, here is a screenshot taken on February 10, 2016.

travelex iranian rials

It’s unknown why they have this ad running on their site in the first place, when the ad is clicked, it goes to the following website URL: (I did not want to hyperlink this)

Quite interesting how the ad says one URL but leads to another.  Not only is it deceptive to have the ad up in the first place when you don’t have the currency, but it’s equally deceptive to not even have a normal URL structure on the website.

If you try to visit the link in the ad by typing it out like this:

Here is what the page leads to:

iran rial 404 travelex

At this point, I advise everyone to do their own research concerning the currency of Iran, especially if you are preparing for an RV of the Rial.

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